What Is CrossFit?


Iron Reign CrossFit Lodi Nj is a proud and respectable NJ CrossFit affiliate located at 10 Dell Glen Ave in Lodi, New Jersey. Here at Iron Reign, we have a 6,500 square foot state-of-the-art facility that offers an incomparable workout experience.

CrossFit begins with a very basic belief in fitness, and it promotes rigor and physical wellness. Here at Iron Reign CrossFit, we target 10 specific components of fitness: agility, accuracy, balance, coordination, flexibility, power, speed, stamina, strength, and cardiorespiratory function. In performing functional movements while simultaneously training the body’s core, CrossFit allows individuals of all ages to lead both a more healthy and fit lifestyle.

While certain workouts impose age restrictions, Iron Reign’s CrossFit classes are designed to accommodate all participants. Not only do we modify our workouts to facilitate beginners, but we also offer a range of scalable techniques that individuals of all ages can benefit from. At Iron Reign CrossFit, we shape our classes to ensure both a safe and efficient workout for beginners, athletes and avid sportspeople.

At Iron Reign CrossFit, we have created a community where we all share a common interest in setting goals and achieving them. We pledge to help you attain your goals by instilling commitment and effort. Here at Iron Reign, we structure our workouts to provide entrants with an enjoyable, productive, safe and efficient CrossFit experience. We make it easy to work out hard.

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