CrossFit Frequently Asked Questions

New jersey Crossfit Gym  - Bergen County. We offer beginners classes and personal training!! Come bring your family and tyr our family training classes.

Q: What should I wear to a Iron Reign CrossFit workout?
A: Comfortable clothing that you can move freely in will be ideal for CrossFit. Also, shoes that are lightweight/flat are recommended for lifting weights and running.

Q: How do I know if CrossFit is right for me?
A: There is a learning curve that is involved when undertaking anything new; however, here at Iron Reign, our instructors facilitate this process by creating workout programs that are designed to achieve your personal fitness goals.

Q: If I am a female, will CrossFit make me bulky?
A: The variety of weight movements, weight lifting and cardio exercises in our CrossFit classes are designed to make you lean, athletic, and fit; however, this physique is contingent upon a healthy diet and proper training.

Q: Will CrossFit make me muscular?
A: At Iron Reign Crossfit Hackensack NJ, there are lifting protocols and methods that we teach for participants seeking muscular gain. CrossFit will not only provide you with the body you desire, but it will also provide you with excellent cardiovascular strength.

Q: Will I receive enough individual attention in a group CrossFit session?
A: Absolutely! In fact, every class at Iron Reign Crossfit is designed to accommodate different ranges of experience, and our instructors are trained to work with groups of all skill levels. At Iron Reign’s CrossFit classes, each participant will have his or her own individual training experience with the support of an encouraging team and coaches.

Q: Should I avoid CrossFit if I am prone to injury?
A: CrossFit comes with the same risk of injury as most physical training programs; however, our experienced staff can assure you that your safety is our priority. Consult a physician before beginning Iron reign CrossFit classes if you have any health concerns.